5 Fast Ways to Adapt Online: Evolving Your Business During COVID19 (2)

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5 Fast Ways to Adapt Online: Evolving Your Business During COVID19

Keep calm and wash your hands.

We all know how crazy it’s been, living through the pandemic has been a wild ride for businesses and individuals alike. For most of us, the shock is just starting to wear off and along with the desperate desire to go out and be carefree, we’re starting to figure out that we may need to change the way we’ve been doing things.

One of the beautiful things about the digital space is just how flexible it is and how rapidly it can evolve to cater for change. I’ve been ranting about the numerous benefits of digital marketing to my clients (and anyone who’ll listen) for many years now but never has it been so relevant than during the COVID19 outbreak.

I could go on for hours about new data or the various alterations we could make to our strategy in light of our current situation, but I thought I’d keep it simple for now and shorten the list to just five simple actions you can take to adapt your business online in response to the corona virus and subsequent lock down.

This is aimed more at businesses who haven’t entirely embraced digital marketing just yet or maybe have been doing it to some degree but could use a little direction in light of our current situation.

I’ve kept it short as I’m sure you have enough on your plate at this time, juggling family, work, looking out for staff and all the other challenges that have arisen form the pandemic.

That said, these are five incredibly effective ways you can alter the way you are not only marketing your business, but how you are operating it too.

For those who are struggling, I know just how vital it is to have leads coming through right now and an hour or two spent adjusting your marketing strategy could mean less time you spend freaking out about your cash flow.

So please, have a quick read and have a think about the ways you can reshape your business and your marketing strategy to get through these tough times. I’d love to hear from you if you found them helpful, lacking or simply wanted to share your own tips about evolving in times of challenge.

1. Review Your Data

If your audience is working from home, it’s likely they’re now using their desktop instead of their mobile or browsing the internet at very different times than they were previously. Make sure you review your data and consider any changes in your ongoing strategy.

Check your Facebook reports, review your analytics and if possible, check in with existing customers about how their interaction with your business and brand messaging might have changed over the past few months.

2. Replicate and Innovate

What are your competitors doing right now? Are there ways you can emulate what they’re doing right? Are there ways you can fulfill gaps in the market? What new ways can your business provide services?

Could you start doing no-contact deliveries? Are you able to provide your service via video? Perhaps you could team up with competition to provide a joint service that benefits you both.

Sounds crazy? Good. That leads me to my next point:

3. Think Outside the Box

Could you provide a new service that makes use of your products but isn’t your typical way of trading? Cafes were quick to adapt by offering their stock up as veggie boxes and hampers for local delivery. Bars are offering delivered meals and cocktails shaken at your doorstep.

By adapting the way they do business they simultaneously keep themselves in business and also generate interest as customers look for ways to continue their at-home lives and values shift among consumers.

How can you utilise your resources to transform your business and remain relevant during this time?

4. Existing Customers

Don’t forget about your current customer base. Keep them up to date with any changes to your trading, be it delivery times or changes to operating hours and so on. Create offers or reward programs and inspire advocates for your business.

People may be more inclined to inquire rather than immediately buy due to the changes in lifestyle or economic concerns so it may be a good idea to focus on lead capturing for a short period.

Again, try talking to your customers to ask them what they feel they are missing right now. What solutions could you provide? You might know your customer-base very well, but it’s often very surprising what they actually come back with so try not to assume without substantial basis.

5. Social Media Marketing

With lock down in full swing it’s very unlikely you’re seeing much foot traffic. Even if you’re not able to completely move your business online, advertising your services through Facebook gets you right in front of your audience when they need you.

Facebook is an incredibly cost-effective advertising platform, however, mistakes can be costly and the process of navigating business manager and implementing an effective campaign can be daunting if not mind-bending.

I highly recommend getting a professional involved (I can point you to some fantastic resources if you’re interested!) if not to run your campaigns entirely than at least to consult you regarding campaign and budgeting. I am not normally a betting-woman, but I’d wager you’ll save more money hiring a professional to do your social media, than you will trying to do it yourself, particularly for the time required.

All that aside, Facebook was brilliant for getting in front of audiences before all of this, now it’s essential, no matter your industry. And if you still think that Facebook is not for you, there’s obviously LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest and so on, we want you in front of your prospects.


Like I said, I haven’t written a forty-five page essay delving into the multiple strategies you could implement to adapt your marketing during COVID19 as a business owner. Nor can I give you a tailored solution without consideration of your products, industry, budget, etc.

Instead, I’ve given you five incredibly simple yet effective ways you can look into your business and your marketing and change the way you operate during this time, who knows? You may stumble across ways of operating that you come to love and find new and unexpected ways to do business for years to come.

How have you adapted?

Tried all of these methods? Got some tips of your own? I’d love to hear how your business is evolving in response to the pandemic. Drop a comment below or reach out on Facebook, I’d love to hear from you.

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Still struggling?

Let’s face it, this isn’t mind-blowing advice by any means, but for many business owners in the face of economic crisis it can be helpful just to have some straight forward guidance. With that in mind, if you’d like more information or want some more tailored advice, feel free to get in touch.

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