Don’t be fooled by what looks like a mug shot, I’m honest, hard-working and always up for a laugh.

I don’t like coffee (wild, I know.) but happy to grab a tea or hot chocolate and have a chat with you about your business.

Can do zoom or skype if that’s your preference too!

Hello! I’m Rhiannon.

Well, even with a decade of content creation and marketing experience up my sleeve, writing a bio doesn’t get any easier! Writing about others is a piece of cake, writing about myself? Not so much.

I officially started my business in 2013 after a wonderful friend of mine Andre Coñate from Abante Group asked if I’d help them out with some copywriting work.

Since then I’ve worked on countless projects in a diverse range of industries as a freelancer, in house and with agencies. I also do a lot more than just writing copy these days!

I work with businesses and organisations to create effective marketing strategies from ideation right through to implementation. This means sometimes I’m a consultant, giving advice on existing strategies or mapping out a new campaign for you to implement however you see fit.

Other times I’m the full-stack digital producer, creating content and implementing strategy on various media platforms as well as reporting and optimising these campaigns according to performance and budget.

I like helping businesses get ahead, particularly sustainable businesses that do good things in the world. I’m really good at marketing, but I don’t have an ingenious business idea, so until I think of one, I want to use my powers for good to help businesses succeed in their goals.

As a small business operator myself, I know just how tricky it can be trying to juggle it all and make sure there’s still leads coming in. I also understand that your business is more than just the product or service you’re selling. It’s your life. It’s your family’s life.

Maybe you created a start-up that’s become a life-line for your staff and the greater community, maybe you’re the third-generation director running your family business. Whatever the case may be for you, I know that while money is important in business, a business is more than cash-flow and profit for most people.

Every business is different. With this in mind I’m very flexible about how I work to accommodate business owners, particularly in my contact hours, timelines, the process and the work itself.

I’m more than happy to chat about your project whether you have a simple idea or just want to talk about your current problems that I may be able to help you with. Most business owners I speak to either don’t know what they want, or thought they did but needed something else.

So feel free to get in touch with any problems you may have in regards to your marketing and online presence.

Want to get to know me better?

Areas of Expertise

Content Marketing

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Communication Design

Marketing Automation

Content Production

Operations and Business Process

Social Media

User Experience

Customer Journey

Email Marketing

Buyer Persona

Training and Management

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